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Golden Horse (Ying Kee)
Metal Manufactory Ltd.
Flat B, 6/F. Wong King Ind. Bldg.,
2, Tai Yau St., San Po Kong,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
Tel: (852) 2320 0619 Fax: (852) 8169-3180


Golden Horse (Dong Guan)
Metal Manufactory Ltd.
Sha Jiao Admin District
Hu Men Tai Ping
Dong Guan City, Guangdong Province, PRC, 523936
Tel: (86-769) 8556 5141 ex-802
Fax: (86-769) 8556 7495



Golden Horse produces 90 per cent of its own fastener machinery and forging machines. We also sell such machinery. Our selection of conventional fastener machines include:

One Die Two Blows Heading Machine
Model: GH-8, Specifications 8.00mm x 100.00mm
GH-10, Specifications 10.00mm x 125.00mm
GH-12, Specifications 12.00mm x 200.00mm
GH-12-L, Specifications 12.00mm x 300.00mm
GH-14, Specifications 14.00mm x 200.00mm
GH-16, Specifications 16.00mm x 200.00mm

Straight Type Rolling Machine
Model: GR-10, Specifications 10.00mm x 100.00mm
GR-12, Specifications 12.00mm x 200.00mm
GR-16, Specifications 16.00mm x 200.00mm

Slotting Machine
Model: GS-6, Specifications 6.00mm x 75.00mm
GR-10, Specifications 10.00mm x 150.00mm

Slitting Machine
Model: GT-4, Specifications 4.00mm x 50.00mm
GT-8, Specifications 8.00mm x 100.00mm
GT-8-L, Specifications 8.00mm x 350.00mm

Our selection of forging machines include

Two Dies Two Blows Heading Machine:
Model: GH-522, Specifications 6.35mm x 30.00mm
GH-822, Specifications 8.00mm x 50.00mm

Two Dies Four Blows Heading Machine:
Model: GH-524, Specifications 6.35mm x 30.00mm
GH-824, Specifications 8.00mm x 50.00mm

Three Dies Three Blows Heading Machine:
Model: GH-533, Specifications 6.35mm x 30.00mm
GH-833, Specifications 8.00mm x 50.00mm
GH-1033,Specifications 12.00mm x 30.00mm

Three Dies Five Blows Heading Machine:
Model: GH-835, Specifications, 10.00mm x 100.00mm

Four Dies Four Blows Heading Machine:
Model: GH-844, Specification, 8.00mm x 50.00mm
GH-1044,Specification, 10.00mm x 100.00mm